Having a wide range of tiles, FayansArt is pioneering the sector with it’s difference in usage areas and technologic foundation with special designs.

Prepared tile productions sector offers the best models of individual tastes to the market and creates variations with these models. Your job is to choose the most beautiful one.Nevertheless, you may feel your imagination is still limited when it comes to reaching your dream bathroom or kitchen.Here we are, as FayansArt, working for offering quality products with years of experience and making your dreams come true, reflecting your elegant and impressive designs on tiles.

Freedom with Printed Tile

FayansArt Catalog

You may check our catalog to see FayanArt printed ceramic tile projects.



In the bathroom, the best way of great decorations is specially printed bathroom tiles ideas. There are only a few bathroom items have the same effect with bathroom tiles in the world. Generally, the smallest room is spared for the bathroom. However, by applying your visuals you like, you can give a feeling of depth or carry it to the middle of a forest.


While creating a design plan for your kitchen, you can also prepare your kitchen tile list which is harmonious with the design plan. For example, if your aim is to reflect Tuscan countryside in your semi-finished design, you can use Italian models on the tiles. However, if your design reflects the Mediterranean, why do not you use Turkish seas’ visuals?


Are you thinking of building or reconditioning your pool or SPA? If so, why do not you turn your pools into oceans with printed tiles and ceramics that are produced by FayansArt? For example, imagine you are swimming with dolphins or discovering reefs on the rocks.


Tiles are materials which we are accustomed to see on wet floors in internal and external sites. Preference increases due to the simplicity in cleaning and endurance in such sites. However, with the start of compressing every visual with any size on tiles, these products came to the forefront with visual variety without losing the functionality.


Are you bored from traditional tile – ceramics in your cafe or restaurant ? High quality images can be transfer to tiles with FayansArt quality without size of limitation.