In the bathroom, the best way of great decorations is specially printed bathroom tile ideas. There are only a few bathroom items have the same effect with bathroom tiles in the world. Generally, the smallest room is spared for the bathroom. However, by applying your visuals you like, you can give a feeling of depth or carry it to the middle of a forest.


Why do you limit yourself with bathrooms which are very similar and made with regular materials while designing?

Printed Shower Tiles


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The most loved nature views, animal pictures, logo of your team, beaches and pool effects, picasso … Print on tile whatever you imagine.

Picture Bathroom Tiles

As FayansArt, we are a company specialised on printed bathroom and kitchen tiles. By using our printed tile technique, which is a product of our experiences, we are open to share our practice with you to bring a new look to your site.

Decorative Bathroom Tiles

With FayansArt‘s compression on tile technique, you can reflect the impression you like onto your tiles. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work, that you will see the first day’s beauty and will have the best quality in every single tile.

Nursery School Tiles
Bathroom Tile and Ceramics

Any image can be used at printing tile technology? Where can i choose images?

Aspect ratio of images must be adapted into places that you want to cover by tile. Please keep in touch with our customer services to evaluate size of you place and which image quality will be suitable for this place. Also you can purchase images from most famous image websites with high quality format.

Do you make instillation of printed tiles ?

No, we can only arrange shipping company for you. But any tile master can install printed tile easily.

What is the delivery time and production time?

After evaluate images with our graphic team, we gave estimated delivery time to our customer. Most of the time, we finish our production in 3-7 days. It depends on project.

I would like to use printed tile in my new project for all bathrooms and kitchens ?

We can offer special price offer above 50 m2 orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Effect of printed tile on human health?

No, There is no negative effect on human health. Our inks produced in Canada with Canon quality standards. It has European quality standards for printed inks.

Printed Tile Samples
Ocean Concept Bathroom Tiles


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Points to Consider While Furnishing Tiles

When the tiles which are produced thoroughly by FayansArt and transformed into an artistic piece arrive at you, the only thing left to apply is that the points to consider and selection of correct [...]