While creating a design plan for your kitchen, you can also prepare your kitchen tile list which is harmonious with the design plan. For example, if your aim is to reflect Tuscan countryside in your semi-finished design, you can use Italian models on the tiles. However, if your design reflects the Mediterranean, why do not you use Turkish seas’ visuals?


Thanks to the unique touch of applications made by FayansArt, you are going to have original kitchens. These high quality tiles will both change your home’s atmosphere by enabling your walls to look perfect, and provide a long time usage advantage as long as you you live in your home.

Kitchen Backsplash Tile Installation


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Magnificent Tiles

Why do not you host your guests who came for dinner in your kitchen’s impressive athmosphere? You can reach the delicate elegance and dynamic effect you want to create with FayansArt. You can get the ambiance and difference you like with the specially compressed kitchen tiles you use on kitchen boards.

You can reach the kitchen backsplash tiles in your own kitchen can be created by yourself with one of the most convenient place to visual use. You can make your kitchen to your dinner against Manhattan bridge as you can transform a flower garden.

As FayansArt, we produce unprecedented tiles by compressing your dream visual with special compression techniques. These enduring and high quality tiles have no difference from other classical tiles in terms of application and quality. By visiting FayansArt galleries, you can see many examples that can inspire you and apply similar ones to your home.

Kitchen Ceramics

How to send images to FayansArt?

If you have your images in digital area, you can easily send through our ftp address or any cloud transfer method. You will have your images on tile without lost quality.

If you are looking for unusual patterns, FayansArt kitchen tile products will meet your needs fully. Don’t limit yourself. You have your own design at FayansArt instead of the classic tile on the market.

Specially compressed tiles can get a beautiful appearance only when they are designed by someone with creative visual taste.

You can eliminate the borders of the tiles using a visual model of the desired pattern on the kitchen tiles. Extends to infinity with high-quality custom printed ceramic tile production .

Thanks to the graphics team that worked in this sector for a long time, FayansArt guarantees you that there will be an aesthetic beauty in results.

Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

People who received trainings in this field can bring you a brilliant and elegant appearance. We are working with our time just to provide this to you.

Why don’t you have specially printed kitchen tiles at backsplash ?

Printing on tile now delivers consistent results and the quality you require. In the past, the process has not been a good enough application for large scale commercial use. Current Digital Printing Companies have previously failed to find a solution to protecting inks on tile, until now.

Printed Kitchen Tile Models