When you combine the natural illusion effect of the water with the 3 dimensional effect of the depth with printed pool tile, you will see that it is not hard to create living pools. Moreover, thanks to the strength of FayansArt’s long AR-GE efforts, you will be able to protect this effect for years. You can safely use printed tiles that produced with high durability in SPA’s and baths where humidity and heat are high. And with the freedom to reflect your designs to the space that will completely change the atmosphere of the environment.


If you are planning to build a new pool or renovate your bath, why not use printed tiles and ceramics in your pools that are produced by FayansArt ? Imagine swimming with dolphins or exploring corals on cliffs.

Of course, these durable and high quality tiles are no different from the traditional tiles on the market in terms of application and quality. FayansArt offers you the advantage of visual limitlessness beside this quality. We produce new generation tiles out of the functionality and become a unique decoration item.

High Resistance Printed Tiles


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We are transforming the perfect spaces from your living space with spectacular personalized Pool, Turkish Bath and Spa Tiles.

You can move cartoon characters to swimming pools to make a difference in the children’s pool and to entertain children with custom printed pool tiles. Creating more vibrant and differences now much easier in your pools with cartoon characters.

Convert your Pools to the Ocean

If you are planning to build a new pool with the opening of the summer season, or to renovate your pool, why not convert the printed tiles and ceramics produced by FayansArt and the pools into the ocean? Imagine swimming with a dolphin every day or discovering a coral on the rocks.

Custom Print Tiles Option

The concept of printing on special tiles developed by FayansArt has become a frequently preferred concept for pools, baths and Spas. The fact that our customers can pass on the tiles in their visual architectural areas offers the opportunity to get completely unique and non-repeatable products by getting rid of the traditional tiles on the market.

Hammam, Pool, and SPA tile has special resistance against heat and humidity with custom design option.

You can create visual effects that can be used for years in swimming pools by developed FayansArt, chlorine-resistant printed tiles used in pools. A tropical paradise, a submarine world, or an airborne view of your favorite city. Your spaces are limited to your imagination.

Printed SPA Tiles