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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the photos that I have sent to you may apply to the desired scale?2017-01-07T17:41:51+03:00

Yeah! The high quality images you have sent to us can be used in any size and shape. We can also recommend which measurements will look best in the photo you have submitted. The images that you provide us in TIFF, RAW, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD and BMP formats welcomed.

What can I do if I can not find the design I want on your website?2016-12-31T15:57:31+03:00

We think that the concept of originality and uniqueness as faience art is very important in prints on tiles and ceramics. If you can not find the designs you are looking for on our web site, please let us know what kind of designs you want by email.

For example; A favorite sight, your children’s photos, your favorite artistic work, souvenir photos and everything you can imagine.

What is the delivery time of printed tiles ?2016-12-31T15:55:10+03:00

Usually our average production run is 7 days. However, production times vary according to the volume of project. You can learn the precise production times by sharing your project with us. Shipping preferences are usually left to the customer and delivery can be made with the shipping companies you are contracted with.

Can I use different images on tiles?2016-12-31T15:43:27+03:00

Yes, we can print everything that you imagine on tiles and ceramics. Depending on your request, you can combine multiple images to reach the design you have in your dream.

I want to examine pre-print visuals on small tiles.2016-12-31T15:41:44+03:00

We, FayansArt, think it is important that you must know exactly what you will have in your hand. When your samples reaches your hand, you can examine the true colors of your designs on the tile. You can be confident that you will not encounter any surprises with sample tiles.

Will the digitalization technique harm my original photos?2016-12-31T15:39:54+03:00

Certainly your photos used in the scanning process are not damaged at all. If the photos you want to use in your hand with high-resolution digital files, we will be much happier to use digital images. Images can also stored in CD/DVD.



How to clean printed tiles and ceramic surfaces?2016-12-31T15:34:26+03:00

You can clean the tiles in your kitchens and bathrooms with normal cleaning materials as you clean them. Our protection systems against  laundry water, salt spirit, detergent and water. Also tiles can be clean by any cleaning materials for tile surface.

Do you do tile installation?2016-12-31T15:31:49+03:00

Unfortunately, our company which sells all over Turkey and Europe does not provide application service. If you trust your hands, you can do the same installation as normal tiles yourself, or you can do it by renting professional teams. We are happy to answer the questions of the person who will make the application. The tiles sent to you with specially numbered and the application pictures are included in the package.

What if my tiles are broken during shipping or application?2016-12-31T15:29:21+03:00

Carefully packaged and shippid by FayansArt is advised to inspect your shipping before taking delivery of your tiles. If your tiles are broken during the installation, your tiles will be priced at double prices.

What are your return conditions?2016-12-31T15:27:33+03:00

If your tiles are damaged by cargo, your tiles will be available within 5-10 business days. You need to store your broken tiles and ceramics for examination of cargo elements.

What if I have more questions?2016-12-31T15:26:18+03:00

As FayansArt you can reach us from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, 5 days a week and share your questions with the our customer service. Be sure that we would like to answer your questions.



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