How do you imagine a cafe? Is it live, colorful, fun; Is it peaceful, intimate, hot? All you need to do is to decorate your tiles in color, café style.

Fayansart makes it all for you, creating the environment you enjoy in your walk. If you want your Cafe – Restaurant to look like our gallery, please let us know, we will make your own tile ready for decoration and send it to you.


In the cafe – restaurants, decoration is as important as the quality of service. The more you enjoy your place, the more your loyalty will increase. Create your tasteful, stylish, spacious spaces with unlimited color, pattern and picture options without having to depend on classic decoration models with FayansArt.

You can carry perfect images of your products on the wall if you do not want to; If you want to print a picture of a well-known place on your tile, you can get a permanent decor on your wall. Or you may witness that your walls, filled with humorous cartoons, are very much shared and viral in social media.

Digital Printed Restaurant Tiles


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Your favorite nature view, impressive animal pictures, logo of your club, marine or pool effect, a Picasso table … Simply choose what you are dreaming of.

Digital Printed Cafe Tiles

Will it wear, fade, tear? Are your tiles guaranteed?

FayansArt special printed cafe – restaurant tiles have a special protection on surface. In addition, the tiles passing through the test more than once during the preparation, our products have high resistant to external influences. FayansArt printed tiles are with a 5-year warranty have been fully tested on our 10-year aging tests. Thanks to its special coating, it is not only in closed areas like bathrooms and kitchens; It is also used in the pool and in open areas. It is not affected by salt, hot and cold water, cleaning chemicals and similar materials.

Printed Restaurant Tiles

You can also take inspiration from the examples on our Bathroom Tiles Models page as well as our Cafe – Restaurant models. The sea, beach and underwater visuals, which give a feeling of depth and freshness to the bathrooms, are preferred. When printed tiles use in bathrooms and shower floor ,  water visuals are used to give the feeling of walking on the water.

Digital Printed Custom Restaurant Tiles
Custom Printed Restaurant Tile Models

Any image can be used at printing tile technology? Where can i choose images?

Aspect ratio of images must be adapted into places that you want to cover by tile. Please keep in touch with our customer services to evaluate size of you place and which image quality will be suitable for this place. Also you can purchase images from most famous image websites with high quality format.

Do you make instillation of printed tiles ?

No, we can only arrange shipping company for you. But any tile master can install printed tile easily.

What is the delivery time and production time?

After evaluate images with our graphic team, we gave estimated delivery time to our customer. Most of the time, we finish our production in 3-7 days. It depends on project.

I would like to use printed tile in my new project for Cafes – Restaurants as an architecture?

We can offer special price offer above 50 m2 orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Effect of printed tile on human health?

No, There is no negative effect on human health. Our inks produced in Canada with Canon quality standards. It has European quality standards for printed inks.

Custom Restaurant Tiles