When the tiles which are produced thoroughly by FayansArt and transformed into an artistic piece arrive at you, the only thing left to apply is that the points to consider and selection of correct equipment for installation.

For installation, there are two main points. First is the correct material, second is the experienced tile experts. The most important materials are Flex Ceramic, Tile Glues and grouting materials.

Flex glues are sticking grouts which are used in tile and ceramic cementation, prepared and applied easily and have long hours of work. While selecting the Flex, famous brands should be preferred.

Tile Installation

By checking if the application surface is solid, clean and on the balance, the surface should become ready. If the surface heat is above +25°C, the surface should be saturated. 25 kg. Flex Ceramic and Tiling Adhesive are mixed with 6.5-7 liters of water with the help of low speed mixer until the mixture is homogenous without any lumps. This mixture is lied bye for 5 minutes and then mixed again to get ready for using. Prepared grout is spread to the surface with a comber and then the tiles and ceramic are furnished with the help of plastic hammers.

After FayansArt compresses the visuals to tiles, so that the expert can easily furnish them there is an implementation of code and arrows of installation. Besides, the print in the package that shows all the works’ visuals and codes is sent to the customer.

After the tile furnishing the process of jointing starts. Here again, good brands’ products should be preferred. There should be no metal trowels, never. Metal trowels can scratch the visuals or give harm. Therefore, sponge and rubbers should be used in this process.

Points to Consider While Cleaning FayansArt

FayansArt products are resistant to cleaning and chemicals. However, it is good to remember that there is compression on the tile. In order to get the first day brilliance from FayansArt products, it would be better to avoid strong surface cleaners. During the cleaning processes, herbal cleaners should be preferred.